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 Quotes from books about daycare - 2003-2004, p4


Featured Books 2003-2004:  
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7 Myths of Working Mothers pages:   5 | 6 | 7 | 8 Your Baby in Daycare:  Are you out of your mind? pages:  15 | 16
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Day Care Deception 
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003, page 87

One prominent medical researcher says that day care is responsible for “outbreaks of enteric illness—diarrhea, dysentery, giardiasis, and epidemic jaundice—reminiscent of the pre-sanitation days of the seventeenth century.
In 1991, an epidemiologist termed day care centers “the open sewers of the twentieth century”.
Category =  Disease

Day Care Deception 
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003, page 90

..other studies have consistently pointed out that increased use of day care has been  involved in the doubling of childhood asthma over the last twenty years.
Category =  Disease

Day Care Deception 
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003, page 141-142

In The Day Care Decision, William and Wendy Dreskin tell the story of their own experience in setting up a high-quality day care center in the San Francisco area.
(Despite) teachers who had graduate training, low child-to-adult ratios, the best in educational equipment and an excellent curriculum, …the Dreskins began to notice disturbing changes not only in the children—some previously happy preschoolers beginning to withdraw, lash out or cry incessantly—but also in their interaction with their parents.
“The problem was not with our facility,” they wrote.  “It was obvious that there was a problem inherent in day care itself, a problem that hung like a dark storm over ‘good’ and ’bad’ day care centers alike.”  The trouble, they determined, was that day care was disrupting the natural family bonds.

The Dreskins were “so distressed” by what they observed that they closed down their centers.
Category =  Behavior, Caregiver, Quality

Day Care Deception  
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003, page

“We are altering the cultural fabric in this society with the mass exodus of children into day care,” (Psychologist Brenda Hunter) says. “Children who are growing up without a close maternal bond will someday engage in fewer marriages and incur more divorces.”
Category =  Behavior

Day Care Deception 
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003, page

Dr. Mohammadreza Hojat, professor of psychiatry at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, warns that day care children “may not develop real concepts of mercifulness and concern for others.”
Category = Behavior


 Quotes from books about daycare - 2003-2004, p4


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