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 What People Say about daycare, page 1


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Source/Date Quote
Dr. Mary Newsome., Letter, "Day care steers kids toward drug abuse", Chicago Sun-Times, 31-Jul-89 By subsidizing day care the government will contribute to the next generation of drug addicts.
...Even the best of day care centers cannot substitute for a mother's presence
Category = Behavior, Quality
Lisa C., quoted from the newspaper article, "Pressure on for Better Child Care System"
by Cynthia Whitfield,
The Register-Guard,
Eugene, Oregon, 26-Nov-90
"My kids were constantly sick with colds, flu, fevers, stomach pains and diarrhea when they were in a center"
"...Yet the center gave me no credit for the days (my children missed). Meanwhile, I missed days from work. So, I felt the center was benefiting at my expense for the disease (my kids) got there in the first place."
Category = Disease
Hamid H.S., M.D., Letter, Lexington Herald Leader, 25-Jun-92 Money safer than children
  • We deposit our money with banks -- secure; insured; strictly controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission; staffed by highly paid, adequately educated, well-screened employees who are bonded -- for maximum interest return. 
  • We leave our children, our future, at day-care centers -- loosely controlled by government; poorly staffed with underpaid...employees, part-time or holding several jobs, overworked, mostly with no formal training, who probably have never been screened for social, emotional or psychological and medical background.  Children stay there longer than with their parents while awake.  Such a casual approach toward our future treasure is dangerous.
    Category = Quality, Regulations
Barbara S., former practicing lawyer, Fairhope, Alabama,  as quoted by Mary Frances Berry, author of The Politics of Parenthood:  Child care, Women's Rights, and the Myth of the Good Mother, 1993,  P19 Barbara Shroyer of Fairhope, Alabama...expresses amazement at her "generation," accusing parents of pursuing "any avenue" to assure a "perfect baby" but being willing to have an institutional care-giver "during its most vulnerable developmental period."  She worried about the effects on "day-care children of...early pressures to conform."
Category = Politics, Quality
Dana M.,  teacher, Letters, Lexington Herald Leader, 19-Jul-93

Day care hurts kids
(1) Day-care kids, as a rule, have more behavioral problems than kids who stay at home.
(2) Day-care kids are less secure than kids that stay at home.
(3) Day-care kids are not... "more advanced" scholastically...
(5) Day-care kids cannot and do not get the individual attention kids at home get.
...I have seen this first hand, and it is not a pretty picture.
Category = Behavior, Development, Quality


 What People Say about daycare, page 1


Last updated:  01/31/2010

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