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The History of Daycare (Childcare) - Background

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Institutionalized group child care defies eons of evolution.
Caring for our young by unrelated adults in a group setting such as day-care puts our species on a par with lower animals such as termites and other social insects. 

In contrast, humans are primates, and primates' infants cling to them...that is the way we are wired for development. 
Do other
Daycare History primates (chimps, gorillas, etc.) have unrelated strangers care for their young?1   No, they do not! 
"...a chimpanzee mother will surrender her infant to the care of another (related) female only as a favor to that female, and (only) for a brief period."
1  Concept and chimpanzee animation from "What's Wrong With Infant and Toddler Day care?" by Jasto
Excerpt from Early Childcare:  Infants and Nations at Risk, by Dr. Peter Cook, June 1997, Chapter 1, page 27

The intimate bond shared between the human Mother and her Child is a result of millennia of human development. This is so deeply ingrained in our collective human psyche that the image of a 'mother and child' is not only the subject of many great works of art, but is also a part of one of the world's major religions.

How many great works of art, classic or contemporary, depict a 'daycare worker with children'? 


Madonna and Child with Angels
ca. 1460; Benozzo Gozzoli (Italian, 1420-97)

~ Click here for an overview of daycare's origins. ~

Last updated:  11/01/2009

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