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 Quotes from books about daycare - 2003-2004, p2


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Day Care Deception
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003,  page 79

A 1998 paper by Dr. Edward Zigler...stated that “…children who have experienced early group care tend towards assertiveness, aggression, and peer rather than adult orientation.”
Category = Behavior

Day Care Deception 
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003,  page 79

One study from the University of North Carolina concluded that kindergarteners and first graders who had been placed in the “extremely high quality daycare center” run by the university…were more likely to “hit, kick and push” as well as “threaten, swear and argue” than their at-home counterparts.  These children were described by teachers as having “a serious deficit in social behavior.”
Category = Behavior

Day Care Deception  
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003,  page 79

Another study from Texas found that a history of extensive day care was a good predictor of eight-year-olds receiving low rating from teachers in the areas of compliance, work habits, peer relationships and emotional health.  These children also earned lower grades for classes and conduct and were more difficult to discipline.  The negative effects were not diminished by a higher quality of care.
Category = Behavior, Development

Day Care Deception
by Brian C. Robertson, © 2003,  page 81
While day care advocates constantly tout the advantages of “socialization” that center-based care (allegedly) provides to infants and toddlers…a study published…in the Child Study Journal found that, contrary to the expectations of the researchers, one-year-olds with little or no day care experience consistently behaved more “prosocially” than their peers with more day care experience.  The conclusion: that “the only significant predictor of pro-social behavior” was a lack of day care experience.
Category = Behavior
Day Care Deception  
by Brian C. Robertson
, © 2003,  page

 ...there is actually no evidence that such benefits (gains in vocabulary and memory) are conferred by day care.  In fact, the massive effort to cast day care for infants and toddlers as an advantageous component of early preparation for learning in school is a deception.
Category = Behavior

Day Care Deception
by Brian C. Robertson, © 2003,  page
There are other indications that day care actually retards intellectual development.  One study in England, for example, found that six-year-olds with extensive day care histories had lower language skills than peers raised at home.  (This discovery was even more surprising to researchers in that the group of day care children studied were of a higher socio-economic status on average than the at-home group.
Category =  Development


 Quotes from books about daycare - 2003-2004, p2


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