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Quotes from books about daycare  - 1980-1984, p6


Featured Books 1980-1984:  
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The Day Care Decision
What's Best for You and Your Child
by William & Wendy Dreskin,
1983,  p 41
In the day care situation children are usually discouraged in a variety of ways from expressing anything negative about being there. These can range from children's perceptions of the expectations of the day care providers to more direct systems of rewards and punishments. Complainers are often ostracized. "Look at Tommy. He's a big boy. He doesn't cry for his mommy all the time."
Day care children who are unhappy and seek more individual attention are in a bind. They can sense that constantly asking for their parents is not what the day care provider wants to hear, and if they keep it up they are likely to get less attention, not more. And if they express their feelings to their parents, they may find that a tired working parent is not overjoyed at the prospect of trying to find another suitable and affordable day care arrangement. Just like adults, children can begin to feel that they have no choice, and they will become reconciled to their fate. They may stop expressing their feelings to the day care workers and their parents, but these feelings have not evaporated, and a child may suddenly become more aggressive or demanding. Children can act out their feelings in many ways.
Category =  Behavior, Caregiver
The Day Care Decision
What's Best for You and Your Child
by William & Wendy Dreskin,
1983, p 42
Concurrent with the suppression of information in various kinds of day care arrangements and the bias in academia, there have been many instances of extreme bias in the mass media. Despite numerous articles in the medical journals describing significant health risks associated with group care for very young children, this issue has, up to the present time, received virtually no coverage in the mass media.
And women's and family magazines have almost exclusively played it safe, focusing on the "good day care versus bad day care" issue, or the needs of parents, and avoiding any criticism of full-time day care per se. Popular topics are how to choose a day care center, and how to cope...
Category =  Caregiver, Politics
The Day Care Decision
What's Best for You and Your Child
by William & Wendy Dreskin,
1983,  p 43
There has been little (media) coverage of children's needs or exploration of the potential harmful effects of full-time separation on young children.
Part of this suppression of opposing viewpoints and distortion of research in women's and family magazines is because many editors...have, or have had, their own children in day care. Like researchers, ...editors who have made the decision to put their children in day care may be on the defensive. The suggestion that day care may be harmful is very threatening, and they have difficulty considering such an idea with an open mind. When personal considerations are compounded by marketing pressures there is little chance an article raising questions about the advisability of day care will be published in these magazines.
Category =  Caregiver, Politics


Quotes from books about daycare - 1980-1984, p6


Last updated:  02/27/2008

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