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Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2004, p7


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Childcare in Canada, 8-Jun-04
The implicit assertion is that child rearing is best left to heavily regulated and publicly funded professionals, further devaluing the role of parents.

Of course if you start with the assumption that we must have daycare centres and daycare homes, then it is only logical that you would want them to be the best possible. The problem is that a greater emphasis on daycare centres and homes may not be in the best interests of children and parents.
Category = Quality

Childcare in Canada, 8-Jun-04
Research has proven that the care of a loving parent is still far better for a child than even the most dedicated professional daycare worker with all the education in the world. 
...Instead of spending billions on expanding the role of daycare centres, governments should be lowering the tax burden on families so they can make their own decisions on how to care for their children. That way those families who want to have a parent stay at home can realize that dream. The evidence is clear. The more that parents are involved in the child rearing decisions and the less role government plays the better the outcomes for our children.
Category = Economics, Politics, Quality
Background on Childcare,, 9-Jun-04 Some Proposed Policy Planks (of the Green Party of Canada):
4. The Green Party will raise the status of mothering by paying a mother a respectable wage for caring for a first child for its first three years to be paid for in part by transferring money earmarked for daycare for under 3s
Category = Politics
Background on Childcare,, 9-Jun-04 the more time children spend in day care arrangements before they are 4 1/2 years old the more aggression, disobedience and conflict with adults they manifest at...
...Not that you'd know any of this from reading the NICHD's press release or listening to many of the commentators. The results, after all, are not politically popular: many have made their careers representing good child care as a sort of social cure-all.
Category = Behavior, Politics
Background on Childcare,, 9-Jun-04 Principle 6 of the 1959 U.N. Declaration of the Rights of the Child ...
...a child of tender years shall not save in exceptional circumstances, be separated from his mother.
Category = Politics
Have your say, by David Klein,, 28-Sep-04 Only when the final child care place (daycare) is built and the last child is placed and its last tears are wiped, will we finally realise that once there was a child care worker called Mum or Dad in a place called home.
Category = Politics


Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2004, p7


 Last updated:  04/30/2008

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