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Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2004, p6


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Day Care Group Pushes Homosexuality and Cross-dressing for Children
Traditional Values Coalition
Parents who use day care centers for their children may soon find that their children are going to be exposed to explicit sexuality education, including such topics as homosexuality, cross-dressing and family "diversity."
The Child Care Information Exchange (CCIE), (a group of day care professionals based in Redmond, Washington), has recently published two articles that encourage day care workers to begin discussing sexuality issues with the children under their care.
The articles (are), "Developing Sexual Identity Through Play, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Tolerance, " and "Healthy Sexuality Development in Young Children"...
In "Healthy Sexuality Development" authors Kent Chrisman and Donna Couchenour recommend that day care educators must teach sexuality in a non-judgmental way and should fight gender stereotyping by allowing boys and girls to wear opposite sex clothing in "dramatic play centers."  In addition, "Stories will be read that include a variety of family configurations."
...In "Developing Sexual Identity," (author Lynn) Baynum urges day care workers to avoid having children play traditional family roles as mother and father...
Category = Caregiver, Politics
Angry Mothers Get back to the office!  By Suzanne Venker, 07-May-04


I don't know about you, but those who claim to love children so much that they fight for their right to be in day care strikes me as rather odd.
Category = Politics
Government's New Mommy Wars, by Carrie L. Lukas, Independent Women's forum,, 7-Jun-04 Of course, women's advocates also push many proposals that favor working moms. Government-funded day care, for example, is a favorite of groups like the National Organization for Women. Yet while the government can make day care seem "free" to working parents, it isn't free to taxpayers.

Passing on those costs means families who have one spouse at home will have a tougher time making ends meet. Stay-at-home-moms' service would be devalued since they could be replaced by the "free" substitute: government day-care centers. This proposal would push stay-at-home moms to seek formal employment, and amounts to the government again taking a side in the mommy wars.
Category = Politics


Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2004, p6


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