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Quotes from web articles about daycare - 2000, p6


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Day-Care Danger
by Kate Wong,
The day-care centers that millions of parents entrust their children to harbor a hidden danger.  According to research presented this weekend at a conference organized by the American Society for Microbiology, such facilities foster the development and transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Category = Disease
Day Care Centers Incubate And Spread Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Source:  American Society For Microbiology
Sampling Streptococcus pneumoniae ("strep" bacteria) from day care attendees, Dr. Ron Dagan of Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel, and colleagues found that antibiotic treatment rapidly induced resistant-antibiotic traits among these bacteria in the noses and throats of children in the day care environment.

"Day care centers act as microenvironments that facilitate and promote selection, spread and transmission of antibiotic-resistant respiratory tract organisms in the community... ," Dagan said.

Moreover, the researchers detected the same resistant S. pneumoniae strains in siblings of attendees, suggesting that (resistant bacteria) could easily spread beyond the confines of the center.

Day care centers are ideal environments for the development of such (resistant bacteria) because they are associated with a high rate of respiratory infections that leads to a high rate of antibiotic use, he said.
Category = Disease

Pay for your own day care by Michelle Malkin, ,5-Oct-00 Taxpayer-funded daycare-don't you just cringe when do-gooders call it "free"?-- encourages drive-through, drop-off parenting.  Subsidizing this phenomenon cheats children, undermines family responsibilities, and breeds resentment among childless workers who are forced to pay for costly social services...If moms and dads aren't willing to makeůsacrifices for their children, why should anyone else?
Category = Politics


Quotes from web articles about daycare - 2000, p6


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