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Quotes from News articles about daycare: 2004, p5


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News Articles


Nursery Tales part two
by Madeleine Bunting,
The Guardian,
All of this marks a trimming of the sails of what has been until now the main thrust of government policy on childcare - to bring affordable nursery provision to the poorest communities.
...The tricky issue is that what is evident in many poor communities - particularly among some ethnic minorities - is that parents have a strong attachment to looking after their own children when they are very small.
...There is an acute dilemma here as to whether the state should be persuading mothers of very small children to work. It is one thing for middle-class professional mothers to enthusiastically return to well-paid jobs, but the advantages are a lot less clear-cut if employment only slightly improves the mother's financial position after her contribution to childcare is taken into account, while leaving her less time and energy to raise her children.
Daycare bad for kids aged under 2?, The Straits Times (Singapore), 9-Jul-2004 LONDON - The British government is reconsidering its strategy on childcare in the face of mounting evidence that day nurseries for children under two can lead to increased incidence of antisocial behaviour and aggression.
...remarkably similar findings (of researchers around the world) indicate that group-based care can have damaging effects on emotional and social development for the under-two age group.
These effects are evident even in children who are in daycare for as little as 12 hours a week, some studies have found.
Category = Behavior, Politics
Daycare bad for kids aged under 2?, The Straits Times (Singapore), 9-Jul-2004 A government-funded study by the University of London's Institute of Education concluded that 'high levels of group care before the age of three (and particularly before the age of two) were associated with higher levels of antisocial behaviour at age three'.
It also found that while higher quality of care could reduce the 'antisocial/worried behaviour', it could not eliminate it.
Category = Behavior
Trespassers-Governments split our loot like burglars in the night, by Link Byfield, Calgary Sun (Canada),
We had tried the big licensed professional daycares, but it felt a bit too much like leaving (our children) in a zoo, not a home, and they hated it.
Easing child into day care isn't easy, by Tanya Talaga, The Mommy Diaries, Toronto Star,  6-Dec-04 ...Almost from the birth of their child, working moms steel themselves for the inevitable:  In one year, the child whose every waking move you've coddled, studied and adored must be turned over to someone else to raise for almost 8 hours a day.
No matter how you decide to handle it -- by hiring a nanny, getting a helping hand from family or sending your toddler off to day care -- the transition hurts.
Category = Behavior


Quotes from News articles about daycare: 2004, p5


Last updated:  12/03/2011

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