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 Quotes from books about daycare - 1970, p3


Featured Books 1970:  
Who's Minding the Children? pages:   1 | 2
Every Child's Birthright pages :  3 | 4
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Every Child's Birthright
by Selma Fraiberg , 1977
Chapter I, Birthrights, p31


For those...babies who have been deprived of mothers or mother substitutes--babies in (daycare) institutions, for example--there is no sorrow at the disappearance of a human figure or the absence of another person. Since no one person is valued above others, all people are interchangeable.
Category = Behavior

Every Child's Birthright
by Selma Fraiberg , p54

A baby who is stored like a package with neighbors and relatives while his mother works may come to know as many indifferent caretakers as a baby in the lowest-grade (day-care) institution and, at the age of one or two years, can resemble in all significant ways the emotionally deprived babies of such an institution.
Category = Behavior

Every Child's Birthright
by Selma Fraiberg ,Chapter IV, Child Care Industries Incorporated, p79-80

For queasy parents who leave a tearful child in the care of anonymous sitters and (day care) care-givers, the industry has a slogan: "THE MINUTE YOU LEFT HE STOPPED CRYING."
Category = Behavior

Every Child's Birthright
by Selma Fraiberg, p80

As an industry, Child Care Industries is in a unique position. Its services and personnel can range from "good" to "deplorable'", and the consumer in the age range of one month to six years will not write letters to the management regarding the quality of service. [Nor is he in a position to withdraw his patronage.] Since his parents are not really the direct consumers of the services rendered, they are rarely in a position to judge the quality. In other trades this is known as a seller's market. The question for us is, "How fare the children?"
Category = Quality

Every Child's Birthright
by Selma Fraiberg, p82

As the direct consumer's advocate I must make a blanket indictment of...all such (daycare) services of Child Care Industries Incorporated, which provide anonymous sitters for small children.
...A child cannot feel valued when he is left in the care of a succession of anonymous sitters.
Category = Quality

Every Child's Birthright
by Selma Fraiberg, p87

..."ideal" nurseries...are rare.
The majority, by far, of the preschool full-day nurseries that are known to me do not have expert teachers or professional staffs attuned to the individual needs of each child and his family; they offer, at best, "custodial care." For mothers who are seeking "mother substitute" care and an educational program, these nurseries (day-cares) fail on every count. We do not need to "prove" that such programs can be damaging to many children. When a child spends 11 to 12 hours of his waking day in the care of indifferent custodians, no parent and no educator can say that the child's development is being promoted or enhanced, and common sense tells us that children are harmed by indifference.
Category = Development, Quality


Quotes from books about daycare - 1970, p3


Last updated:  02/27/2008

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