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Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2006, p4


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Harper Backs MPs Depiction of Liberal Day Care Plan as "Soviet Style" by John-Henry Westen,, 12-Apr-06  The worldwide trend away from Soviet style institutionalized day care has been very pronounced in those countries that were formerly part of the old Soviet empire and are now democracies.
Category = Politics
Harper Backs MPs Depiction of Liberal Day Care Plan as "Soviet Style" by John-Henry Westen,, 12-Apr-06  Peter Shawn Taylor... compared Canada's Liberal day care plan to that of Hungary. "During communist rule (1949-1990), the predominant feature of the national family policy was factory-provided daycare,"
 ..."During these years, childcare was seen as a means to boost the female labour supply and increase economic production.
Category = Economics, Politics
Don’t give us government childcare for Mother’s Day by Carrie Lukas,, 14-May-06 What’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift? A bouquet of tulips? Jewelry? Breakfast in bed? The National Organization for Women (NOW) has something a little more expensive in mind—universal childcare.
Here in the United States, NOW wants Washington to subsidize daycare so women can achieve economic parity with men...
And anyway, as feminist author Kate Millet argues, children are better served by “professional” caregivers: “The care of the young is infinitely better left to trained professionals rather than to harried amateurs with little time nor taste for the education of young minds.”...
...Certainly parents thought there was a role for daycare. They overwhelmingly understood and sympathized with those for whom daycare was the only option. But the (Public Agenda) survey confirms that few parents are clamoring for government intervention in childcare and even fewer embrace the feminist vision of universal government-funded institutional care. For American families, a parent is the ideal caregiver.
What Americans want are policies that make it easier for families to keep a parent at home, not policies that facilitate daycare. ..
...Sometimes daycare is a necessity, sometimes parents prefer it, but most often it’s not wanted at all. Mother’s day in America is about honoring moms and their varied choices. Let’s leave the grand social experiments and “universal childcare” to France.
Category = Economics, Politics
Christian Doc Cautions Parents About Asthma Risk in Daycares
By Mary Rettig,, 19-May-06

The (Swedish study on daycare and allergies) found that preschool-age children in daycare centers are more likely to develop allergy symptoms than are children in a home environment. The researchers says the group atmosphere in a daycare setting is more likely to foster respiratory illness which can develop into allergies and asthma.
Specifically, according to the study by the SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, children in daycare had an increased risk of 23 percent for asthma, 75 percent for hay fever, 33 percent for wheeze, and 27 percent for food allergy. In addition, daycare children showed a 56 percent increased risk for cough, 15 percent for rhinitis, and 49 percent for eczema. The study appears in the journal Allergy.
Lis on Law: Daycare's Shocking Statistics by Lis Wiehl,,

Daycare horror stories abound involving allegations ranging from caregiver incompetence to outright neglect and abuse...(examples of lost, abandoned, imprisoned, and molested children in daycares...)
...You may be wondering how such things can happen, but the NACCRRA (National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies) reports that just 10 states require unannounced inspections of child-care centers...


Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2006, p4


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