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Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2002, p3


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Day care information: effects on infants emotional development
Infants' emotional development may be disrupted when the attachment process is undermined by the repeated extended separation involved in placing an infant in full-time daycare.
by Tina Blue
...studies that have been done on children's emotional development are far from comforting. Children who attend full-time daycare, especially if they began in daycare before the age of two, are more aggressive, less socialized, and less mature emotionally than children who spend their early years with a primary caretaker with whom they have formed a strong attachment. Most experts strongly recommend against placing an infant under the age of one in full-time daycare at all. The recommendations are less sweepingly uniform in the case of infants between the ages of one and two, but even for that age group expert sentiment generally runs against full-time daycare.
Category = Behavior
Getting rid of Grandma
"Heartbeat", by Rebecca Hagelin
5 March 2002
The "study" is particularly hard on grandmothers. Seems it would be better to send a precious grandchild off with the herd to an impersonal day-care center filled with slobber-laden "learning toys" and government-licensed professionals than to be in the love and care of grandma.

I have always found it heart-breaking to see young children strapped into car seats at 6:30 a.m. on their way to jam-packed day-care centers where many of them will remain for 10 hours or more. I think we all know where the child would rather be. But the advocates of socialized day care are bolstered by the "study" in their quest for control.

Category = Politics
Getting rid of Grandma
"Heartbeat", by Rebecca Hagelin
5 March 2002

A "day-care advocate" presented the "virtues" of socialized, cookie-cutter day-care services.
(but) she conveniently forgot to mention the many ills of socialized care. As Janice Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute points out, these include, "higher risk for serious respiratory-tract infections, chronic ear infections, and infectious diarrhea." And that's just for starters.
Like millions of unlicensed, unchecked, unsupervised and untrained moms and grandmas, I don't just think family care is better (than daycare), I know it is. And in her heart, America knows it too.

Category = Disease, Politics

Editorial: Some D.C. Council Members Want Compulsory Pre-School
By J. Michael Smith
President of the Home School Legal Defense Association,
Therefore, the only individuals that would benefit by the (compulsory pre-school)  bill would be the thousands of new daycare workers that would have to be hired to try to control the children. It is estimated that it would cost over fifty million dollars to implement this program. No wonder the NEA* is such a strong supporter of this idea. It would have thousands of more union members paying union dues in the form of daycare teachers.
*NEA = National Education Association (U.S.)
Category = Politics
Response to column on working mothers,
by John Rosemond,,
There is a huge qualitative difference between putting an infant or toddler in day care...versus having a parent always in the home,...
Two entirely different situations cannot possibly generate equivalent outcomes (and the most objective research says that they do not).  It is a fantasy to think otherwise...
Category = Quality
HSLDA* Continues to Fight Mandatory Preschool in DC, HSLDA News,, 23-Apr-02
*Home School Legal Defense Association
While it is doubtful 3 or 4 year olds will benefit from being forced to attend school, it is clear the teachers' unions will. When 3 and 4 year olds merely attend "daycare," the caregivers may not pay dues to teachers' unions. If the exact same program is "public school," however, the unions will be ready to collect.
Category = Politics


Quotes from web articles about daycare, 2002, p2


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