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Quotes from News articles about daycare: 1990, p3


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News Articles


Children's ear infections rampant across country
by Kathleen Curry,
Lexington Herald-Leader,

Why are ear infections so abundant these days?
To Dr. Charles Bluestone,an internationally recognized authority on ear infections, the answer is simple: day care.
"Virtually every study ever done on the increase in otitis media has shown that day care is the most important difference," Bluestone said. Bluestone, an otolaryngologist (ear and throat surgeon) with Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, was in Charlotte, N.C., to talk about ear infections with local members of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
Infants and preschoolers in day care have a much higher incidence of respiratory infections in general and ear infections in particular, Bluestone said.
Category = Disease
In child-care field, you get what you pay for
by B.J. Phillips,

Lexington Herald-Leader,

Who do you think are the worst-paid full-time workers in America?...
It is women child-care workers.

Category = Quality
Child care poor in most U.S. Centers, study says,
by Barbara Vobejda,

Lexington Herald-Leader,
...(day care) does not meet children's needs for health, safety, warm relationships, and learning
Category = Quality
Day Care to Get Fat at Public Trough,
by Dennis Byrne, Chicago Sun-Times
, p29
...can someone please tell me why the same people who complain about the state not having enough money for (essential services) are now about to pass little-noticed law establishing yet another one - for which there won't be enough money? I'm talking about Senate bill 377, a law opening the door for state subsidies for large, preschool day care operators. Disingenuously named the "ready to learn" bill, it is in reality a ghastly collection of tired feel-goodisms, bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, vague purposes and  undefined costs.
In truth, it is legislation of, by and or the (daycare) social services industry . Drafted by industry "providers," the wall will benefit industry and - this is rich - be overseen by industry.

Category = Economics, Politics
Children need parents, love--not more laws,
by Dr. Laura Schlessinger,
Lexington Herald-Leader,
Do you have your beloved in stranger care -- that is, daycare centers, nannies and babysitters -- just because you want a better lifestyle...?
Don't confuse having to work with wanting what comes from working --that's the new great lie.
Category = Economics
It takes more than a day care center,
by Dennis Byrne, Chicago Sun-Times
, p25
And while many young parents now (mistakenly) believe that their kids are enriched by experiencing a multitude of caregivers, the studies show that shuttling between caregivers causes the kid grief and makes the formation of new relationships difficult.
Category = Behavior
It takes more than a day care center,
by Dennis Byrne, Chicago Sun-Times
, p25
The fact is that studies have uncovered serious problems with early chidhood day care. Among them are heightened aggression and defiance on one hand and social withdrawal on the other. Also included are deficiencies of self-image, impaired work study skills, poorer vocabulary, increased social maladjustment and deterioration of the mother-child bond. In other words, you're "at risk" of ending up with clingy and panicky kids, or hitters, kickers and shovers. And this isn't even getting into the well-known health hazards that day care centers pose to kids, their families and providers.
Category = Behavior, Development, Disease
Moms: Stop wondering 'what if?', by Lori Borgman, Austin American Statesman,
..government (is)..dying to warehouse your kids for you so you can get out there and earn more money for them to tax and spend.  No minimum-wage day-care worker will ever give your child the love and personal attention that you will.
Category =  Politics, Quality


Quotes from News articles about daycare: 1990, p3


Last updated:  09/21/2008

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