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 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 1990, p12


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The Problem with Daycare
by Karl Zinsmeister,
The American Enterprise

May/June 1998, page 22
Committees of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended...that to avoid chronic infections and childhood epidemics, children under two should be cared for only in the company of their siblings if at all possible.
...Large groupings and groups with turnover among the children ought to be avoided when children are young, they suggest.  This, obviously, would exclude most day care centers.
Category = Disease
The Problem with Daycare
by Karl Zinsmeister,
The American Enterprise

May/June 1998, page 22
And there are public health issues associated with day care beyond just those of disease transmission.  Phyllis Weikart, a University of Michigan professor of physical education, has implicated increased day care use in the sharp decline over the last generation in the physical motor skills of children.  Today's youngsters are considerably less likely to learn physical skills and games from older siblings, playmates, and role models than they once were.  Day care creates single-age ghettos where there is less transmission of skills and information of all sorts across age boundaries.
Category = Development
The Problem with Daycare
by Karl Zinsmeister,
The American Enterprise
May/June 1998, page 22
Now a brief word about daycare "quality".  In the national research (including the latest N.I.C.H.D. [The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development] study that activists misrepresent as exonerating day care), two facts are clear.  The first is that when you get right down to actual effects on individual children, the differences between "good" programs and "poor" programs are not large.

The second reality is that in even the very best full-time day care situations, large numbers of children (often a majority, depending on what is being measured) end up showing some sign of maladjustment.  Problems occur not just where the care is of low quality but also among children in the most careful and expensive forms of hired care -- one-on-one nannies, and university lab schools, for instance.  This is quite clear in the research, and the best way to summarize it may be to say that excellent day care gets less disappointing results than crummy daycare.
Category = Quality


 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 1990, p12


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