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 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 1990, p11


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The Problem with Daycare
by Karl Zinsmeister,
The American Enterprise

May/June 1998, page 20
One leading edge in day care today is special centers that only accept sick children.
...When a youngster who is already feeling bad goes to an ill child center he is faced with a totally unfamiliar environment, where all the adults and all the other children are strangers.  Instead of bringing extra security and comfort, his illness thus brings him extra strangeness and uncertainty.  Penelope Leach* puts it bluntly: "To put a sick baby into a stranger's hands is cruelty."
In many cases, it is employers who set up these centers.  They then parade them as proof that the company is "family friendly."
[In reality, the company is just trying to save a buck! -- ed.]
One cover story in Fortune chortled that "for sheer cost-effectiveness, nothing beats a facility for children too sick to go to school or day care centers.
Susan Wolfe, director of one Minneapolis ill-child center, does the math for Fortune.  When a middle manager...misses a day of work to minister to a miserable child, it costs the company (First Bank) $154...If, on the other hand, the employee checks the child into her center at company expense, it costs the bank only about $20.  
Voila!  An institution that "saves the company 87 percent, or almost $135 a day."
*Penelope Leach - famous British maternal and child expert
Category = Disease, Economics
The Problem with Daycare
by Karl Zinsmeister,
The American Enterprise

May/June 1998, page 21
Doctors warn that day care centers have become troublesome sources of health problems.  The American Pediatric Association reckons that infants under one in group care have eight times as many colds and other infections as babies cared for by their families.  As baby's immune system is not well developed until about his third month of life, and it does not reach adult-level disease-fighting capability until around age two.  Take this fact, plus the research finding that an average toddler puts a hand or object in his mouth every three minutes, and you can see why concentrating together groups of these drooling, toy-sucking, low-immune children creates an ideal environment for disease transmission.
Category = Disease
The Problem with Daycare
by Karl Zinsmeister,
The American Enterprise

May/June 1998, page 22
A Memphis State University study of 800 children under age three found that compared to youngsters at home, children in day care centers suffered half again as many infections and four-and-a-half-times as many hospitalizations.  The American Journal of Public Health has reported that children in day care centers incur overall medical expenses that are two to three times as high as those of children cared for at home.
Category = Disease


 Quotes from magazines about daycare - 1990, p11


Last updated:  07/03/2011

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